The Man Behind The Words

Alan J. Fisher; writer, author, sometime poet, father of two beautiful baby girls (actively) and an autistic son (inactively very unfortunately) , step father an prisoner of The Words. Friend on occasional target of mockery of the Writing Elves. Creator of the successful Chronicles of Enoch and upcoming Hegemony series. Loves to watch, observe and opinionate….

Originally from Belfast, in Northern Ireland; back when The – very Britishly named with characteristic understatement – Troubles were at their worst. Alan has lived all over the world since; England, Spain, Gibraltar, Ireland, the United States, the Dominican Republic, and finally Spain once more, where he currently lives with his wife and children.

Alan has written since as long as he can remember but it has taken until now, perhaps catalised by the birth of his daughters, for him to have the nerve to publish.

The Chronicles of Enoch series is in production with the self-published Chronicles of Enoch : Preludes available on Amazon and all other reliable outlets now. This series has receieved much acclaim and is being hailed as “Redefining the Epic Fantasy Genre”.

He is also working on The Hegemony Sequence; a speculative fiction and sci-fi extravaganza in the stlye of the Space Opera.

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